Anderson almonds are grown on Wertzba Place, a small family farm. We have 18 acres of certified organic almonds and are located in the Central Valley of California. Our location is one of the most exceptional agricultural valleys in the world. Our farm was the first certified organic farm in the San Joaquin Valley. We were pioneers of organic farming in the central valley, We have the ideal Mediterranean climate, a requirement for almond production, and irrigation water from the melting snow pack of the Sierra Nevada. Our farm has been featured in PEOPLE magazine, on National Public Radio, and in Fatal Harvest - The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture available from Island Press.

Our family has owned Wertzba Place since 1912, when Ludwig Wertzba, a Polish immigrant, brought his family to the farm from their previous home in San Francisco. Ludwig’s grandson, Glenn and his wife Leslie returned from Hawaii in 1980 to take over Wertzba Place. Today, the farm is run by Glenn and Leslie Anderson.

Glenn was an organic pioneer and has helped develop a community of organic farms in the immediate area. He began his farming career as a dairy farmer in 1957 and has been in agriculture and small business since then. His degree in tropical agriculture from the University of Hawaii helped lead him to innovative farming techniques. Glenn managed to shock and alarm his father and brother (also almond farmers) with his “messy” field when he first began farming organically. Today, his messy fields are home to many beneficial insects and rich soils.


Leslie is an active partner on the farm where she can be found in the field when everyone else has come in for the day. She has continued to work a “day job” at a frozen food factory in nearby Patterson, CA while spending as many hours in the field as possible. A native of Tonga, Leslie learned the value of hard work from her father who farmed several acres on the island of Tongatapu. Her famous sense of humor makes Wertzba Place a lively place to be.


We have real bio diversity down on this farm:
Dogs - Spud, Lani, Shorty
Birds - Hawks, Doves, Magpies, Hummingbirds, Blue Jays, Sparrow, Finches, Blackbirds, Kill Dears
Cats - Two Adopted Strays, The cats help with rodent control
Bats - The several species of bats on our farm help with insect control.
Owls - The owls on our farm help with gopher control.

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